Blue Light Scene,

Wisconsin State Fair 2014

Faces at the Fair

Sheep Shearing at the Wisconsin State Fair

"Dreams, only dreams in the dusk,

Only the old remembered pictures

Of lost days when the day’s loss

Wrote in tears the heart’s loss.”

- C. Sandburg

Gary: Drink up. Let’s Boo-Boo.

Steven: ‘Boo-Boo’? What is that?

Gary: You remember “Let’s Boo-Boo”. You know, from Mr. Shephard’s classroom, it said on the wall “Exit, Pursued by a Bear,” you know, from that Shakespeare play?

Steven: “A Winter’s Tale.”

Gary: Yeah. What was it called?

Steven: “A Winter’s Tale.”

Gary: That’s it. And if we needed to make a quick getaway, we’d say: “Exit, Pursued by a Bear”. And then, it was: “Exit, Pursued by Yogi Bear”. And then, it was just: “Let’s Yogi and Boo-Boo”. And then: “Let’s Boo-Boo”.

Steven: So you’re saying we should go?

Gary: Yeah. Shitty, here. Isn’t it?

"…I have hunted your under my thoughts,

I have broken down under the wind…”

- C Sandburg

Plaque overlooking these mountains:

"For hundreds of years people have seen mysterious lights floating above Brown Mountain, here in Burke County, North Carolina. The lights may be seen from the spot and locations further west such as Rattlesnake Knob near Cold Springs and Wiseman’s view.

Thousands of people have witnessed the strange lights, and legends of the lights date back to as early as the year 1200. A single light or hundreds of lights can appear according to various accounts. The lights are said to float up the ridge and hover above Brown Mountain, where they drift about, change color, blink and then disappear.

The US geological survey, U.S. Weather Service, and the Smithsonian investigated the phenomenon and proposed many causes for the lights. It’s been suggested that the lights are simply burning marsh gas, reflected train or automobile lights, city lights or radium rays. But none of the theories have been proven to be the actual cause of the lights.

Perhaps the most interesting explanations and the most enchanting are the legends. According to Cherokee legend, in 1200 the Cherokee fought a great battle near Brown Mountain against the Catawba Indians and many warriors died. The lights are said to be the spirits of Cherokee maidens who search in vain for their loved ones….”

It is not enough to photograph the obviously picturesque.
Dorothea Lange

-‘But they always, they always leave at daybreak. They never leave at, you know, nine-thirty. “Gentlemen to bed, for we leave at nine-thirty!”’


It is no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer any more than the lion tamer becomes a lion tamer.
Dorothea Lange

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green

towering over your head

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes

and she’s gone…

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
Dorothea Lange

"Miroirs d’avril"